Continuous and purposeful engagement of people and stakeholders across digital networks and at scale is quickly becoming the most important success factor for organizational development and competitiveness in today’s market.


It should come as no surprise to hear that being able to communicate clearly in the same language is paramount for these ways of working to succeed. Without a common language and shared understandings, assumptions are made, and ideas or perspectives are interpreted in ways they are not meant.

This is most obviously/observably true at a team level where……

In larger organizations, where the siloed effect ……….. it can exponentially affect the efficiency of that organization.

A common language (one of three core pillars we feel is necessary to achieve stakeholder commonality) cuts out a huge amount of these misunderstandings and helps organizations better collaborate and deliver results together – regardless of scale.

The purpose of this How-Tool is to provide a summary of key language elements of the Pathfinder Protocol, which, when adopted and applied in a collaborative environment, will have the impact of reducing miscommunications or misalignments across your organization or client base.

The language, like the Pathfinder Protocol generally, is intended to provide a balance between commonality and adaptability. By adopting the following language kit, different teams and functions can continue to use their localized technical knowledge specific to their area, where required, while being able to engage with multi-disciplinary stakeholders ………….



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