Pathfinding in 3 Minutes

Pathfinding is stakeholder collaboration for a complex age.

In an increasingly complex world, the success of all strategic or change (and increasingly operational) efforts depends heavily on the ability of individuals, teams, and the broader ecosystem in which those actors exist, to collaborate effectively, even when communication between them is delayed, distributed, or fragmented.

As organizational management rapidly evolves to match the increasingly complex nature of effective strategy execution, ‘complexity theory and organizations’ or ‘complex adaptive systems (CAS)’ has emerged as a leading approach for understanding how to address those challenges. CAS draws from research in natural sciences that examines uncertainty and non-linearity while complexity theory emphasizes interactions and the accompanying feedback loops that constantly drive change and evolution within systems.

Pathfinding represents 10 years of research and development across the areas of ‘collaborative science’ and ‘complex adaptive systems’. It has been developed as an operating system for tomorrow’s (network and ecosystem-based) stakeholder collaborations.

Pathfinding is not a standard. Instead, we have designed Pathfinding as a fundamental approach to working with others across complex networks and ecosystems, regardless of objective, framework, or organizational structure. Pathfinding wraps around ALL current and future ways of working, providing true continuity for stakeholder connectivity and collaboration.

There is no formal certification for Pathfinding. You cannot be trained in Pathfinding. Pathfinding is a lifelong learning journey, that begins with a mindset, and is supercharged by the Waypoint software platform and its breakthrough technical protocol.

At the core of the Pathfinding operating system is ‘pattern-based coordination’. ………………………………….

Patterns can help teams and organizations specify customized processing systems that can capture their unique requirements, while also following pathways laid down by other teams and organizations.

Most organizations today are valued around knowledge & information. Individual value, therefore, is usually judged based on the knowledge they have. It stands to reason therefore that if they share this knowledge their value decreases. Step one on the pathfinding journey is to get rid of this mentality. This starts at the top.

Pathfinding is about having the tools available to capture what is already being said (as opposed to trying to force people to record it) and about understanding and learning from the tools we are already using to create ecosystems of information and procedure within the working environment.

Whether it’s due to a competitor or a startup disrupting a product or service line, or an entire industry going into a decline during a global pandemic; organizational strategy today needs continual reassessment to maintain competitiveness.

Pathfinding proposes an ‘always-on’ strategic planning process that can be scaled across all levels of an organization. Instead of developing strategic plans annually or quarterly, organizations should focus on enabling communication and decision-making lines that enable all stakeholders to both feed into and take direction from strategies that can adapt to shifting ecosystem conditions.

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