Pathfinding is stakeholder collaboration for a complex age.

In an increasingly complex world, the success of all strategic or change (and increasingly operational) efforts depends heavily on the ability of individuals, teams, and the broader ecosystem in which those actors exist, to collaborate effectively, even when communication between them is delayed, distributed, or fragmented.

As organizational management rapidly evolves to match the increasingly complex nature of effective strategy execution, ‘complexity theory and organizations’ or ‘complex adaptive systems (CAS)’ has emerged as a leading approach for understanding how to address those challenges. CAS draws from research in natural sciences that examines uncertainty and non-linearity while complexity theory emphasizes interactions and the accompanying feedback loops that constantly drive change and evolution within systems.

Pathfinding represents 10 years of research and development across the areas of ‘collaborative science’ and ‘complex adaptive systems’. It has been developed as an operating system for tomorrow’s (network and ecosystem-based) stakeholder collaborations.

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