When people combine their skills, experience, and intelligence to pursue a shared goal – a project is born.

From the creation of the World Wide Web (transforming the way we connect and communicate) to the moon landing (which proved out-of-this-world ambitions can make the impossible possible), projects have always been the most effective way to coordinate group efforts – empowering those involved to deliver genuinely impactful solutions.

While cohesive technical expertise and project management practices play vital roles, the most critical factor in the successful delivery of such world-changing projects is a teams’ ability to collaborate and communicate, to make the best use of everyone’s knowledge and talents, across the entire project journey.


After conducting a series of research projects in the late 2000s – aimed at understanding why the September 11 attacks failed to be stopped by the intelligence community – the CIA discovered that a team’s success is dependent on its ability to communicate effectively before moving forward.

These studies ultimately led the CIA to rethink how the ‘intelligence’ of a team is measured.

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