Ensure your
Next Project
Delivers the
right Solution

From startups to the world's
leading organizations, everyone
struggles with building things
that are new or different.

Introducing Waypoint - connecting
you to the people, processes, and
evidence that will help you get
the right solutions to market, faster.

Ensure your
Next Project
Delivers the
right Solution

Don't waste time and money building the wrong thing

With more choices available to customers than ever, being able to deliver new and improved solutions and capabilities that delight and captivate is the new standard for staying competitive in today's ever-changing world. However... building the right thing is easier said than done...

71 %

71% of software projects that fail do so because of poor or unbalanced requirements - that is, not fully understanding what to build.

95 %

Of 30,000 new product that make it to market every year, 95% of those fail, as they don't provide the right experience to the end users.

42 %

90% of all startups fail - with 42% of them doing so because they didn't solve a market need, talk to enough users or put their customers first.

How it Works

Waypoint's inclusive and flexible functionality sets up innovators, change makers and project owners to deliver the best possible solutions to their users and customers

Better Results, At Any Scale

For Startup Founders

Accelerate your world-changing idea and get to market faster with global community support and a guiding hand at every step.

For Product Owners

Reach, connect and enlist stakeholders across the value chain to plan, deliver and scale brand new products, and ongoing improvements.

For Service Designers

Establish a repeatable mechanism for transforming ideas and opportunities into revenue and growth, without disrupting business as usual.

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