Connected Teams
Create Exceptional

Waypoint helps teams and managers connect people’s knowhow, expertise, and expectations throughout the project life cycle, delivering requirements and solutions that meet, and exceed, expectations.

Solution Discovery, Development & Connectivity

Connect to the right people and information at the right time – to better understand project requirements, solve communication problems and commit to changes as your solution develops

Drive connectivity between strategy, execution and delivery to avoid stakeholder misalignment, problem-solution mismatches, underutilized resources, and significant rework.

The world (and your company) is full of underutilized resources, standards, knowledge and people. Supercharge your projects and innovations by tapping into that network.

Waypoint - Discover Better, Together

Communicate Objectives

Clearly communicate and negotiate the objectives, drivers and expectations with anyone who would be, could be, or should be impacted by your teams efforts.

Crowdsource to Fill Gaps

Target supporters and would-be supporters, both inside and outside your company, to help provide insight & content expertise, solve issues, and fill gaps.

Assure Solution Direction

Use best-in-class process, technique, and deliverable templates to assure your team focuses on the tasks that will have the highest impact on your project's success.

Drive Connectivity & Trust

Validate assumptions early and often by connecting to users & customers throughout the design process, reducing the risk of developing inappropriate solutions.

Manage & Communicate Changes

Involve relevant stakeholders at important decision points to inform the best course of action, and use targeted notifications to keep your extended team aware of any changes.

Make Better Go/No-Go Decisions

Measure team traction and and assess your efforts with organizational and ecosystem level views of your projects' delivery and throughput.

How It Works

Reach, Connect, Chart

With Projects

Connect the right people & information at the start of any effort to increase your reach, narrow your focus and set off on the right path.

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Catch, Cluster, Commit

With Signals

Signals represent the critical information and assets from across your company. Use them to generate the most informed, most appropriate course of action at any step in a project.

Energize, Step, Achieve

With Sprints

Increase co-operation through sustained, timely, involvement across collaborative sprints, providing teams the best of both worlds between creative thinking & a standardized delivery of high quality outputs.

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Almost a fifth of recent projects have failed, costing companies an average of €580,000, as research identifies at least 52,000 project managers in Ireland, almost half working in construction, engineering and IT. Too many scope changes, communication and organisational problems, and poorly defined objectives were cited as the most common causes of failure while the most costly reasons were lack of involvement of all team members in project decisions and poor resource planning.PM Summit

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